Healthy Family Breakthrough Session

Discover the foods, habits, and beliefs are preventing your family from becoming healthy and receive a Healthy Family Breakthrough PlanTM that is your family’s roadmap to health

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Every Family is Different…

Every member has different needs, concerns, tastes, and preferences. What works for one family does not usually work for others.

Making dietary changes is overwhelming–especially if you were told (by a doctor) to change. You Feel:

  • resentful of being told what to do
  • overwhelmed by the thought of changing everything
  • depressed at the thought of giving up the things you love
  • frustrated at not knowing where to start
  • tired of searching the internet and buying cookbooks to find recipes–and they just don’t work for your family

But here is the crazy thing… I know you WANT to be healthy and you want your family to be healthy. You want to make those changes, but you want to do it on your terms. You just need some help getting started…

That’s where the Healthy Family Breakthrough SessionTM comes in–it will show you where to start and give you a clear path forward so you can make lasting changes that you will want to maintain!

Eating healthy does not have to be a chore or a struggle. Being healthy is simply about having a healthy relationship with food. Its about what you eat, why and when you eat, and your beliefs around the food your family eats

Healthy food can taste amazing, and your family can LOVE eating healthy!

What if your kids grew up thinking that healthy was just a way of life???

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In this Healthy Family Breakthrough SessionTM you will:

  • Discover how to remove the overwhelm from making dietary changes so that your family will enjoy eating healthy
  • Get a clear picture of your current diet and how that is affecting your family’s health
  • Discover the specific foods, habits, and beliefs that are preventing your family from becoming healthier
  • Discover Easy Wins that you can implement right now to make dramatic changes in the health of your family
  • Discover the simple mindset shift that empowers you and your family to want to choose healthy
  • Receive your Healthy Family Breakthrough PlanTM that will outline your first Healthy Baby StepsTM
  • Receive your Custom Meal Plan FormulaTM Trello Board
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How the Healthy Family Breakthrough SessionTM works:

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Find a time that works for you–when you can truly be focused on the conversation and not pulled by other distractions.

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On the Call

We will talk about your vision for your family, what is holding you back, and develop a clear path to get you where you want to be.

If you are a fit, I will share how I can support you.

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After the Call

I will send you the Healthy Family Breakthrough PlanTM and the Custom Meal Plan FormulaTM Trello Board so you can immediately start taking action!

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I can help you change your relationship with food!

Hi! I’m Julie, and I’m a Pharmacist, Chef, and Mother of twins. I struggled with fertility because of poor food choices.

Changing my diet was the hardest thing I ever did, but it was also the most important–it saved my son Jack’s life.

When I changed my diet, I didn’t have help. I had to figure out everything the hard way…

I help moms change their relationship with food one Healthy Baby StepTM at a time!

But you don’t have to struggle like I did… I share with my clients:

  • Secrets I learned in culinary school to make healthy food taste AMAZING!
  • Secrets I learned working at a catering company to make meals EASIER!
  • Secrets I learned the hard way when I made dietary changes to change HABITS!
  • Secrets I learned through tons of research on our reward center of the brain to LOVE HEALTHY FOOD!
  • Secrets I learned to make change sustainable with the HEALTHY BABY STEP METHODTM
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Julie Krummenacher: Pharmacist, Chef and Mother of twins

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