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boy doesn't want to eat veggies

Sound Familiar?

  • You are tired of making food your kids won’t eat
  • You are tired of begging and bribing
  • You hate fighting with your kids over food
  • You are tired of worrying about your kids getting all the nutrients they need
  • You are tired of trying to find creative ways to hide veggies
  • You are sick of trying to trick your kids into eating veggies

I have been there…

I have 4 year old twins. My kiddos ate veggies so well as babies… THEN STOPPED…

Ella and Jack eat veggies

Back then…

I was tired… I was frustrated… I was scared…

If I couldn’t get them to eat healthy, would they get sick more often? Would they not do as well in school? Would they not have energy to play like other kids?

Fast forward to today…

My kids eat vegetables, know they are eating vegetables AND LIKE THEM!!!

My name is Julie…

I am a Pharmacist, Chef and Mother, and I have created the online course 7 Strategies to Get Kids to Eat Veggies to show moms how to empower kids to choose veggies for themselves!

Are you ready to…

  • Bond with your children over healthy food
  • Take the struggle out of mealtime
  • Empower your kids to choose healthy food
  • Make vegetables your kids will love

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