I am a Mother

I am a mother of twins

I am grateful every day for my two little miracles!!!  As you saw in my story, I was almost not able to be a mother–it took years of fertility treatments to overcome a lifetime of bad choices…

I had thought I was healthy….  I ran.  I ate vegetables.  I wasn’t overweight.

No doctor EVER told me that I was unhealthy.  In fact, they often told me I WAS healthy–I had low blood pressure, normal blood sugar, wasn’t overweight.

It wasn’t until I started down the fertility path that they discovered metabolic dysfunction…


The sugar hidden in “health” foods in addition to my affinity for coke and cookies made me sick…

I am a Pharmacist

I used to work in a Pharmacy…  I counseled patient on how to take their medicine.

Medicine is just a band-aide.  It does not cure chronic disease.  

I realized after I became sick that medicine is not a CURE, and if I wanted my patients to truly be healthier, if I wanted to be healthier, and most of all if I wanted my children to be healthier, I needed to make changes.

Food is the CURE…

Food is the CAUSE of most chronic disease.  Food is the CURE…

We need to change how we think about food and how we think about chronic disease…

I am a Pharmacist

Food is the CURE!

I am a Chef

I am a Chef: Julie Krummenacher

I went to culinary school for fun after I had my babies.

I want my kids to grow up LOVING healthy food.  I don’t want the constant struggle of my kids refusing to eat healthy, begging for junk food…

The answer?


If healthy food tastes AMAZING, why wouldn’t kids like it???

If healthy food is EASY, why wouldn’t moms make it???

So I created New Healthy Family to empower moms to take control of their family’s health….  And it starts with cooking simple, flavorful healthy meals that the whole family loves!

Moms are the key to healthy kids!

I truly believe that moms are the solution…

  • Moms usually spend the most time with their kids–especially when the kids are young
  • Moms have the most control over what their kids will value
  • Moms usually go to the grovery store and prepare the meals

SO…  Moms are the Solution…

If we as moms can instill healthy food values in our children when they are young, then they will grow up thinking that healthy is a way of life–not a difficult choice…

What if our children never knew the burden of chronic disease?

moms are the key to healthy kids

Kids love to cook!

kids love to cook

Kids love to help…

Whether it is mixing a batter, pouring a measuring cup, pushing buttons on a blender, kids love to be involved!  The more kids interact with healthy food, the more likely they are to try it/eat it/ like it!

I love involving my twins with preparing meals!

From the time they started on solid foods, I have had them involved–like pushing the salad spinner and watching it spin!

Kids want to be healthy!

Kids want to be healthy…  Yes, they LOVE junk food, but if we teach them how important it is to be healthy, and what healthy truly means then they will make healthier choices…

My son Jack loves karate, and we talk about how healthy foods help him do better at karate so he can be a better superhero.

Of course he wants things that taste good, but if he has to choose between two things that taste good and one helps him be a better superhero, he will choose the healthy one!

Empower your kids to choose healthy!!!

kids want to be healthy

I would love to hear from you!

Pharmacist, Chef, and Mother of Twins!

Hi! I’m Julie! When I’m not chasing my twins around, I am creating simple, healthy meals that busy moms and kids will love!

I’m here to help! If you are feeling overwhelmed about changing your diet, tired of scouring the internet for recipes that you think your family will eat, and stressed out from all the meal prep– I can help you!

You don’t have to do it alone! What if you had a Chef and Mother holding your hand as you took baby steps making healthy changes???

Julie Krummenacher: Pharmacist, Chef and Mother of twins